We have had many success stories: A horse with a stress fracture in his cannon bone, after box rest ,this needed 8-10 weeks of slow work to start with building slowly up to twenty minutes on the horsewalker he has now made a full recovery and is back in normal work.

We also had a sick horse which had reacted to his flu jab, causing a large absess which needed to be throughly clean and irrigated several times a day to remove the damaged flesh which was caused from the absess, horsewalking helped flush the wound under a controlled enviroment, as the horse was too ill to be left in a field for long periods and would not exercise himself enough to allow the wound to drain.

After only seven days the result was amazing returning home to his owners seven days later fully recovered and able to be ridden again.

Our horsewalker is an important part of our work as it enables the horses to walk on a soft going for  periods of time to strengthen tendons etc after operations or long periods of box rest, time spent on this can be from as little as five minutes to 30 minutes, enabling then to spend equal time in both directions.

recuperation paddock

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