Our other horses

                                       Ground Kontrol                                   

                                                 by Kosmonaut                                            


                                      photo. West End photography



Photos : Eric Jones


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    Photos : West End Photo



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Ground Kontrol (centre)  Oakleazefarm Czarko (left)

Berks Downs 65ER

Photo: Eric Jones

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                      Photo: West EndPhoto


Ground Kontrol 5th place 160K ER 2007


AHS Marathon 2009

Ground Kontrol and Czelo

Photos: Eric Jones



Oakleazefarm Czelo



                              Louise and Czelo upgrade to Advance




           Louise & Czelo at Cerne Giant                                                                                                        Louise & Czelo at Red Dragon

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Photo: Eric Jones


Cirencester06.80ER.jpg (22882 bytes)   Czelo Wins Ludlow 80ER 2008

Louise & Czelo at Cirencester 80ER

photo by Eric Jones



                                                                            Louise & Cziko          




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Cziko wins 80k YR Ludlow 2009


Cziko winning Haywood Oaks FEI 100K




photos: eric jones


AHS Performance awards 2009


Czako wins best Junior


EGB - British Development Squad

Czako competing in Belgium


Photos: Dave Saunders Photo